Former Tourism Minister, Zita Benson has taken on National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer hopeful, Dr Kwabena Duffour over his injunction against the primaries.

Madam Zita says she finds it difficult to understand why Dr Duffour will wait for the last days of the election before taking the party to court.

According to her, nobody who has the NDC at heart will do what Dr Duffour has done.

“If Duffour had good intentions for the party, a party we are all struggling to bring to power as the biggest opposition party to curb the corruption that is going on in this government that Ghanaians are looking up to us to come and save them, what he would have done is to engage the elders of NDC instead of waiting for three days to the election to file an injunction,” she said in an interview.

The former Bank of Ghana Governor is seeking an interlocutory injunction to restrain the party and its national officers from holding the elections scheduled for May 13.

This follows an earlier call for a postponement of the election over what he described as discrepancies in the voter register.

Dr Duffuor has claimed that the party failed to provide the necessary photo album register in compliance with the party’s rules, five weeks prior to the elections.

He also alleges that a partial photo album register was given to his team on May 4, although they had requested it in March.

But Madam Zita has questioned Dr Duffuor’s motive, asking why he did not file the injunction immediately after May 4 which was far from May 13.

“We have people who have left their jobs and travelled to vote so Duffour could have placed the injunction three days to Saturday because he had the hard drive and saw the discrepancies earlier and should have reached out to the leaders of the party,” she lamented.

She, however, expressed hope the court in hearing the NDC’s abridgment of time application on Friday will dismiss the injunction to pave the way for a fruitful election.

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