Anne Sophie-Avé

French Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Anne-Sophie Avé says she will not hesitate to marry a Ghanaian if the opportunity presents itself.

According to her, as long as she meets the right man to settle with, his nationality as a Ghanaian will not be a hindrance to their union.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, the French Ambassador however did not reveal whether or not she was dating anyone.

But she said that “why would I not marry a Ghanaian? I would certainly if I meet the man of my life in Ghana.”

Madam Ave explained that since arriving in Ghana, the country and its people have been very welcoming to her.

Thus, she will not hesitate to tie the knot with a Ghanaian she falls in love with.

The French Ambassador has already won the hearts of Ghanaians and has been praised for her consistent efforts to sell Ghana to the world.