Jamaican dancehall star, Busy Signal, has lauded Stonebwoy for showing him excess love after he honoured the decision to grace his 2022 Bhim Concert in Accra.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Busy Signal said his relationship with Stonebwoy goes beyond the normal.

He explained that most musicians reach out to labels if they want to do business or feature other top artistes, but Stonebwoy doesn’t need labels to work with him and vice versa.

According to Busy Signal, artistes who have organic relationships away from formalities in the music space collaborate better than those who only meet for business.

“This is going to be reciprocated… artiste and artiste is different from artiste, ANR, and record label to the artiste. There are speed bumps to that. But artiste to artiste is different, and I think labels put these things in place to keep the confusion.

“I can call Stonebwoy, but I cannot call Jay-Z, Beyoncé… then you get an excuse from the people that don’t know anything about music doing it for the label, but artiste to artiste is a whole different level,” he told Andy Dosty.

Talking about his passion for music and where it stems from, Busy Signal said it all brewed from his church and school when he was growing up.

“I didn’t know what I had, and my mom didn’t know how to understand it. At school, people were cheering me along, and it was nothing but kid stuff. Little did we know it was an inborn concept… in different grades in school, I still kept the music and beat with me and people started to recognise it,” Busy Signal said.

“A lot of artistes, journalists or most adults, didn’t want to be in the positions they are as a child, but I can say I have been wanting to do this… I have something to do with music,” he said.