Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, says Sarkodie isn’t at par with him when it comes to doing music.

In a video going viral on social media, Shatta Wale made it clear he will lash Sarkodie for disrespecting him and Ghanaians.

The two musicians have been on a latest feud after Shatta called Sarkodie out for fueling beef with Asem on social media amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Shatta Movement boss, Sarkodie is doing the right thing at the wrong time because celebrities like him must throw the light on the Covid-19 disease than entertain unnecessary stuff.


But Sarkodie in a riposte told Shatta Wale to stop f**ling because he never directed any shots at him to engage him.

Nonetheless, in a latest video, Shatta Wale says he will beat Sarkodie like his son. He added that he wouldn’t even care if the police picks him after he has disciplined the rapper.

“Make someone tell am. I will lash him with my belt like my son. Such nonsense. He wants to behave like he doesn’t know what is going on. Sarkodie you don’t know anything. I have gone into exile to rebrand and I have money than all of you. You are not my size or level. If it were me who did this song, bloggers will be dissing me, saying I don’t have sense. No one is telling him he is not making sense,” he said.