Actress Portia Asare Boateng

Veteran actress, Portia Asare Boateng, says she wanted to abort her first pregnancy because she had strict parents at home.

According to her, the idea of being pregnant frightened her to the extent that she left home to live with her boyfriend for months, adding that, she failed many times when she attempted to abort it.


My parents were very strict so i couldn’t go home. I lived with my boyfriend for three months because I couldn’t conceive the idea of breaking the news to my mum.

I tried to abort but it didn’t work and I knew I was in TROUBLE… I couldn’t go home until the guy owned up and confirmed to my family that he wanted to marry me.

He came to see my family to do the necessary things but we couldn’t marry. It just didn’t happen.

Portia Asrare Boateng

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