The love versus money controversy has been going on since time immemorial. Assuming you cannot have both, which one will you choose?

That was the corner JoyNews Editor, Araba Koomson was put in when she took her turn on Moments with Joy on Friday.

The media personality, however, did not struggle to select her preference.

According to her, “between love and money, I value love more.”

She subsequently, argued that although love is supreme, money is essential in relationships as well.

Citing the upkeep of a household, Miss Koomson said, “You can’t use love to go and buy tomatoes from the market.”

“Money is also important, it is not the most crucial but it is important, you can’t take it out of the equation,” she stressed.

Not being materialistic, the news anchor also mentioned that she will not hesitate to choose money in heaven over money on earth.

Although she was unsure whether heaven is assured her in the next phase of life, she believed that it is a test of one’s faith, thus, it is important to overcome certain earthly temptations.

“I always tell people that you [must] save. There are ways of getting loans to do some of these things. And it is not everything that you buy from high-earned boutiques. There are places you can buy things which are not too expensive.

“You just mix-and-match and ones you look presentable that is it. Sometimes when you look presentable with clothes that are not expensive you, in turn, look expensive. So it is all about how you present yourself,” she said.