Araba Koomson
Araba Koomson

From 2007, Araba Koomson has risen through the ranks in a highly challenging newsroom of The Multimedia Group Limited to become an editor.

But her journey hasn’t been a jolly ride, she had to break many stereotypes about women in journalism.

Recounting her early days at the media establishment, Miss Koomson said, “I walked in with trepidation because I didn’t know what to expect. I was scared because I was coming to a newsroom filled with people I call ‘giants’.”

However, Miss Koomson did not allow fear get the better part of her, instead, she exhibited her best and dutifully learned all relevant cues from these ‘giants’ as she embarked on the journey to fully realise her journalism dream.Araba Koomson’s story: Breaking stereotypes in a male dominated newsroomVolume 90% 

“At the time, we hadn’t had the technology developed as it is now. We were using a very bulky tape recorder which became a challenge sometimes because you would want to interview someone and because of the bulkiness of the recorder, it puts them off.”

Miss Koomson, although encountered numerous challenges on her road to success, she didn’t let them deter her from breaking a lot of status quo along the way.

Today, she wants more young females to come after her, walking in the footprint that she hopes to leave behind someday.

“My position is that do not look back, you should always face forward, because there are new opportunities every day.”

Celebrating 25 years of excellent and impactful journalism, The Multimedia Group Limited acknowledges the contributions of dedicated journalists. And the likes of Miss Koomson are worth mentioning as her efforts have added to the beautiful tapestry woven by the media conglomerate in the country.

The Multimedia Group, therefore, celebrates Araba Koomson with a very big “Ayekoo” and looks forward to more impactful stories from this irreplaceable member of its team.