Fella Makafui
Fella Makafui

Ghanaian actress and businesswoman, Precious Fella Makafui Frimpong, has narrated a health condition she suffered recently that would have possibly spelt her end.

Taking to her verified Twitter page, Fella Makafui said she woke up in high spirits and full of health up until sometime later at work.

According to her, she felt her life flash before her very eyes so quickly and she thought it was going to be her last day on earth.

Fella Makafui said she was rushed to the hospital on the afternoon of March 18, 2022, not knowing what her fate was going to be.

She went on to indicate that things were restored for her and was grateful to have seen a new day.

The YOLO actress thanked God for her life and added that she was going to work more on her health and also ensure she would fulfil her dreams before the unexpected happened.

Her post on Twitter read:

I saw my life flashed before my eyes yesterday !! The whole thing happened fast and if it was the opposite I think that would’ve been it !! Went to work healthy and was rushed to the hospital in the afternoon. I woke up today grateful for life and most importantly learnt to take care of myself first before anything!!

I need to make time for my health, live life with no excuses (which I’m used to…I don’t want to die one day and regret not doing all the things I wished to do while I can !! Moral lesson of the day TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST!!

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