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Fella Makafui claps back at critics amid marital drama


Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has responded to her critics, stating that their negative comments do not affect her happiness or financial status.

She addressed direct attacks she has had on social media following the messy split from her estranged husband, Medikal,

Fella Makafui asserted that their criticisms do not add to her wealth or diminish it in any way.

She expressed contentment in her life and suggested that those who criticize her may be envious of her happiness.

Responding to the keyboard warriors who spend time criticizing others online, Fella Makafui diagnosed they lack inner peace.

She pointed out that she has not personally attacked them, hence she cannot fathom the  bitterness they harbor towards her.

Fella Makafui added that genuine happiness leads to positive actions, implying that those who are truly content with their lives do not spend time spreading negativity on social media.

She wished peace for her critics, stating that she prays they find fulfillment and employment so they can focus on their own lives instead of hers.

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