Kwaw Kese

Artiste Kwaw Kese has come to the realisation that a car is a liability rather than a property and has advised his fans against unnecessary spending.

The musician said he regrets buying expensive cars he did not need years ago when he said he was a visionless young man.

Back in 2008, Kwaw Kese secured his first car, a Cadillac CTS he said he bought for $20,000 and another in 2013, for a much higher price, a $35,000 Mustang.

Along the line when his career was at its peak, Kwaw said he bought three others and a Range Rover for his wife, a decision he expressed regrets over.

To the musician better known as Abodam, the monies he spent lavishly on what he opined as unnecessary luxury could have served as capital for several businesses.

Of what he could have invested in, Kwaw Kese listed farming, real estate and any business he can enjoy from when he decides to bow out of music.

His revelation comes after social media users termed him ‘broke’ for failing to live a flashy lifestyle.


“Think and invest wisely, some of us that’s what we’re doing. Imagine the school fees I pay, so I have to invest for my children to enjoy in the future and better my life. I don’t need to impress anybody, I am a family man. Don’t let social media fool you. I am doing well,” he added in a live video.

Rather than become keyboard warriors, the ‘Let Me Do My Thing’ hitmaker has advised netizens to inject their energies in productive work, adding “let your success reflect in your life, don’t brag about it.”