Actress and media personality, Xandy Kamel, has opened up on the darkest moments of her life when she was married.

The actress revealed in an interview that she suffered four miscarriages in the space of one year when she was Mrs Kaninja.

At a time when social media users were mocking her bloated stomach, Xandy said she was heavily pregnant, but miscarried before the foetus could reach an advanced stage.

Being a lover of children as she said she is, she said she was always excited whenever she took seed, but for reasons unknown, they flushed out.

She quashed the perception she was medically unfit by revealing she ate well and did everything a pregnant woman was supposed to.

She alleged that on one occasion, a subtle domestic abuse by her husband led her to lose her baby.

“There was a time when this infidelity issue came up. He did not lift his hand to beat me but he pushed me against the wall and immediately I lost my baby. Does that not also constitute to abuse?”

She described living with her husband as hell, adding that he remained indifferent when she painfully lost all four of their babies.

The revelation was made while she was contributing to a conversation bordering on domestic violence and divorce.

She revealed she did not end her marriage over abuse, but due to the extramarital affairs that made major news headlines.

She recalled the days and nights she shed tears over her embarrassing heartbreak.