Actress Xandy Kamel has opened up on her childhood and the times life was not so rosy for her.

Currently, she is a well-known actress and producer, but before entering into the limelight, she faced her own share of turmoil.

One would think the daughter of a teacher who upgraded to a banker and a jewel merchant would be living in paradise, but Xandy said her living condition was substandard.

Opening up on her past in an interview on Adom TV‘s The Journey, she revealed at a point things took a U-turn and she ended up joining her mother in petty trade in their Breman township in the then Northern Volta.

From hawking iced water locally known as panyin di panyin to selling flavored khebab, she upgraded when she got herself a ‘lotto kiosk’ where she was selling heavy food in the morning and liquid meals at night.

She detailed how she faced her worst nightmare when she had to move in with her auntie in the city, adding that the situation was so bad that her mother was heartbroken when she came visiting one fateful day and had to relocate her back to the village.

It was then she furthered her education at the Breman Senior High School, after which she took up Immigration as a profession.

Happiness located them once again when her now late father gained momentum in politics and assisted her in making her dream of becoming an entertainer a reality.

Xandy Kamel detailed how she set up her own production house from where she also penetrated mainstream acting to become the star she is today.

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