Reggie Rockstone

Veteran musician, Reggie Rockstone, says he doesn’t wear a wedding ring and there is no special reason attached to it.

According to him, he has never been a fun of wedding rings, hence after he tied the knot with his wife, Zilla Limann in an awesome traditional ceremony, he hasn’t put it on.

When blogger Zionfelix queried him on why he wasn’t wearing a ring, he said, I don’t wear rings because I just never did for real [SIC]. We never had a [white] wedding. My wife said she doesn’t like it.


The Grandpapa of Hiplife disclosed he got married traditionally to his wife in the northern part of Ghana.

We went on a long journey. It was simple. You know the whole Limann thing so they took a traditional ceremony to a different level. I am only lucky my wife said white wedding is a waste of money.