Artiste manager and pundit on Hitz FM, Emmanuel Barnes, also known as Mr. Logic, has raised questions about Kumawood actor, Lil Win’s decision to enlist some Nigerian actors for his upcoming film ‘A Country Called Ghana.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz, Mr. Logic questioned the rationale behind casting Nigerian actors in a project that celebrates Ghanaian patriotism.

He expressed his concerns about diluting the film’s authenticity and diminishing the opportunity for Ghanaian actors to shine on an international platform.

“Bringing in Nigerian actors for a movie titled ‘A Country Called Ghana’ raises eyebrows. We need to showcase our own talent and highlight the essence of Ghanaian storytelling” Mr. Logic remarked.

While acknowledging the potential benefits of collaborating with Nigerian actors for broader market appeal, Mr. Logic emphasized the importance of nurturing the local film industry.

“We need to prioritize Ghanaian actors and stories that resonate with our people,” he asserted. “It’s about promoting our own” he stated.

Mr. Logic expressed worry about the potential cultural misrepresentation with the inclusion of prominent Nigerian actors.

“We risk sacrificing our unique cultural identity by prioritizing commercial interests over authenticity. We have talented actors like Van Vicker who could lead such projects. Let’s invest in our own and showcase the rich diversity of Ghanaian cinema” he charged.

In response, Lil Win said the inclusion of the Nigerian actors is to give the movie an international appeal.

Watch the video below: