Controversial relationship expert, George Lutterodt has said that many teenagers can prevent unwanted pregnancy if given a condom.
Speaking to Gifty Andoh Appiah on The Pulse on Joy News, the counselor stated that “condom is an idea and discovery of God’s mentality”.
He explained that anything created on earth is not man’s own intent but a discovery of God’s intellect.
The counselor condemned pastors who preach against condom use basing his argument on the Biblical story where Onan was killed by God for spilling his semen outside anytime he slept with his brother’s, Tamar, because he did not want to raise the children for his brother, who had died.
This he said, places emphasis on the fact that God is against withdrawal method hence, condoms should be given to teenagers to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
Watch Counselor Lutterodt in the video below: