After comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger was allegedly caught red-handed in bed with another man by her husband, it has emerged that her house helped leaked the information.

In an audio intercepted by, the lady allegedly called Mr. Lawrence Abrokwa, husband of the comedienne and told him how his wife has desecrated their matrimonial bed.

Ama [pseudo name] told Mr. Abrokwa how Afia asked her to sleep in the same room with her young daughter so she can have a good time with her new lover.

“When they got home last night, she asked me to sleep with her daughter and went to your room with him” she stated.

The house help was very disappointed in her madam’s choice of men since according to her, it is below standard.

“I never knew my madam did not know beautiful things. Even me I won’t go for such an ugly man. Maybe he has money” she added.

An obviously shocked Lawrence Abrokwa exclaimed “Eiii! So Afia brought a man to our matrimonial bed?

Listen to full audio below

News broke recently that the actress was caught in bed with another man barely nine months into her marriage. The video is alleged to have been recorded by her ‘husband’, Mr Lawrence Abrokwa.

In the video, Afia Schwarzenegger is seen wearing a headscarf and clad in a white towel trying to shield her private parts from the preying lenses of the camera.

She is heard screaming and wailing while her ‘husband’ quizzes her if ‘that is how she is?’

Mr Abrokwah quizzes her further whether he married her to be engaged in infidelity.


  1. What afia did is not right n the man too has no right to put that video on social media. The man needs to be punished he has disgrace her generation forever the Bible says if ur spouse commits aldutry u can devious or stay if u can but not what abrokwa did to afia

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