The Ho Municipal Assembly has begun demolishing structures constructed on waterways following a flooding incident in the area.

The assembly on Monday brought in bulldozers and excavators to pull down houses at Bankoe and other areas.

This was after torrential rains on Saturday caused major drainage systems to overflow, leaving several homes and shops flooded.

Property running into millions of cedis were also destroyed.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Divine Bosson, stated the demolition is to avert future occurrences.

The Municipal NADMO Director, Stephen Kwabela Abigon, told Adom News an extensive demolition will soon take place, adding residents in the affected areas will be given prior notice.

Ivy Amewuga, the Regional NADMO Director, added her team is currently assessing the extent of the damage caused by the flooding.

She added that they are compiling an assessment report and taking necessary actions to determine the number of affected individuals.