File photo: Some head porters

A group calling itself the United Head Porters in the Ashanti region is upset with the deceptive nature of political parties campaigning towards the December polls.

Chairman of the group, Abubakar Aminu Champang, expressed worry about how politicians make juicy promises but dump them after they have been given the mandate.

Making reference to 2016 elections, Mr Champang said the New Patriotic Party promised to construct a hostel as well as factories in their district, but none can be pointed out.

“They said they will build the infrastructure to ease work of ‘Kayayei’ to prevent them from coming to the southern sector. The hostel that they said they are going to build, there is no block to show they are building for ‘Kayayei’ in Ashanti Region or Ghana as a whole.”

The Head Porters, who are yearning for better treatment, have threatened to boycott elections if they are not considered.

Hundreds of Head Porters gathered at BolaBola in the Asawase District to call out the ‘deceitful’ political parties after claiming they have learnt good lessons.