File photo: A pastor

An Adentan Circuit Court has cautioned an evangelist accused of fondling a lady and inserting his finger into her vagina, to desist from such conduct.

Peter Mensah is said to have anointed the lady with Borges oil with the intent of delivering her from “spiritual marriage.”

When the judge asked Mr Mensah if he would be happy if such an act was done to any of his three daughters, the accused replied in the negative.

Mrs Sedinam Awo Balokah, the Judge, cautioned him saying, “Go and sin no more.”

The judge said if the accused continued with such acts, he would not go free.

According to the Judge, the punishment for such an act, when found guilty, was a custodial sentence.

The Court’s caution came after Superintendent Patience Mario informed the court that the complainant was not in court and that Police had received a letter of withdrawal in respect of the matter.

The accused told the Court that the matter had been dealt with by some elders and victim aged 25 years had been compensated.

The suspect, who is also a carpenter, was charged with indecent assault.

The GNA gathered that the complainant resides in Accra and accused is also a resident within the Accra metropolis.


On August 11, this year at about 8:30 am, the accused, under the guise of praying for the complainant lured her into his room and administrated a spray on her during which she felt weak and helpless.

Accused allegedly undressed the complainant and smeared Borges oil all over her body.

Accused inserted his fingers into the complainant’s vagina on the grounds that he was exorcising an evil spirit from her.

After the act, the complainant reported the matter to the Police, and accused was arrested. A caution statement was taken from him.