Gifty Anti Photo credit: @oheneyere_gifty+anti
Gifty Anti Photo credit: @oheneyere_gifty+anti

Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Gifty Anti, has shared some old photos of herself on social media.

The pictures showed her holding a microphone and speaking to a crowd while wearing a multicoloured dress and sporting her natural afro hair.

In the background, there were some elderly people seated at a table.

Gifty Anti, who has been a vocal advocate for women’s rights for several decades, revealed that the photos were taken in 1995 when she was the president and founder of the first-ever ladies club at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

She credited her consistency and resilience for her continued dedication to women’s advocacy.

The media personality is also an author and mother.

Gifty Anti wrote: “THROWBACK THURSDAY INSPIRATION. Ladies and gentlemen…. Behold, the President and Founder of the first ever ladies club at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, GIJ, in 1995 (after the Beijing Conference), Pen Ladies Club…. Gifty Naana Afia Dansoa Anti. And the NUGS Women’s Commissioner, GIJ, 1995. Yes, Consistency and Resilience are in my DNA. Calculate the years I have been at the forefront of women’s Empowerment….and yes, I still soldier on, Regardless…. So Yes, I know about WHEN STRONG WOMEN CRY…”