gifty anti waakye

Television broadcaster, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, seems to have missed her local food, ‘waakye’ while observing the mandatory 14-days self-quarantine.

The ace broadcaster, while in quarantine, described the situation as difficult as she could not even get her favourite food to buy.

According to her, life in quarantine was not easy as she could not enjoy her favourite ‘waakye’.

But after observing her 14 days quarantine, the ace broadcaster has finally joined her family after she tested negative again after undertaking her second Coronavirus (COVID-19) test.

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Posting a photo of her sitting on bare floor, she could be seen enjoying her ‘waakye’ with the caption: “And finally, this morning, the first ‘Waakye’ was delivered and eaten in style. Rashida Saani Nasamu Alhaji’s wife ‘Waakye’ and More, you do all. Thank you😍😍😍.