In a riveting exposition at the 37th Annual General Meeting of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in Accra, two engineers have professed solutions to address collapse of buildings.

The engineers, Mark Nyameche and Dr. Ransford Opoku-Darko went beyond shedding light on the immediate causes and consequences.

Their presentation unveiled a visionary roadmap, painting a compelling narrative of transformation towards a safer and more resilient future.

Dr. Ransford Opoku-Darko

The engineers, in a fearless display of candor, laid bare the severity of the situation by bringing to light five building collapses that unfolded between April and May of the current year.

Their words resonated beyond construction mishaps, portraying these incidents as a profound threat to both national development and public safety.

The two revealed a complex interplay of factors including; the involvement of non-professionals, poor construction practices, uncontrolled urbanization, non-compliance with building regulations, lack of geotechnical investigations, just to mention a few.

In response to the crisis, Nyameche and Opoku-Darko outlined a comprehensive strategy, a beacon of hope illuminating the path to a safer and more resilient future.

They among others proposed a full compliance with existing engineering and building regulations, categorization of professional engineers based on expertise and project limits, strengthening the Engineering Council for effective oversight as well as community engagement and public awareness initiatives.

Their recommendations, if embraced, hold the potential not only to avert future tragedies but also to set an international benchmark for construction safety.

This presentation stands as a rallying cry for collective action, urging the nation to unite in constructing structures that serve as beacons of safety, resilience, and progress.