Cwesi Oteng
Cwesi Oteng

Gospel musician, whose music career began from the Lighthouse Church, Cwesi Oteng, says Ghanaians are yet to understand his music craft wholly.

According to him, he believes he set the pace with his contemporary gospel songs, hence it will take some time for Ghanaians to embrace him fully.

Speaking to Joy Prime’s IB, he said he will still continue to face the challenges because he can only be himself and that is the only way he can maintain his craft.

He explained that at the time he made a debut onto the Ghanaian music scene, there was a traditional bias in the gospel fraternity and that affected his music somehow.

I don’t know whether I have done a good job… I have one of the best productions…I think sometimes there is a cultural battle I have been fighting people think I am more of a white person but I am a typical Lighthouse Chapel boy…


I have seen preachers talking about my album abroad and I come here and people don’t get it. I don’t think Ghanaians understand Cwesi Oteng and they have never understood me because before I came there was a traditional bias and people were not appreciating contemporary gospel and I changed the face.

According to the God Dey Bless Me hitmaker, he will continue to work hard to attain the level he is after in the music sphere.

It’s the journey of a pioneer… I can’t change we can only be better. Others can also be who they are. I can only improve and be better. You check the songs they are great and it’s about our culture’s ability to understand, he said.