File photo: Destruction of excavator by soldiers

The burning of seven excavators and two bulldozers belonging to Xtra Gold Mining Company by a group of military guys at Atewa West in the Eastern Region was shocking to many, especially residents within the catchment communities.

The narrative has it that the company was engaged in galamsey. Galamsey operations are noted for causing destruction to the nation’s treasured vegetation cover and rivers and water bodies.

The massive cyanide spillage and mining in rivers and water bodies in tropical rainforest communities are condemnable. However, there are some mining companies like Xtra-Gold doing genuine work and ensure that they do not go against the laws governing mining in the country.

It is in the light of this that Xtra Gold Mining unveils the dark clouds covering it in an attempt to put it into a bad light.

Spokesperson for the company, Nana Asante, has made startling revelations about Xtra Gold Mining Company, unknown to the public.

Mr Asante explains to newsmen that Xtra Gold is a Canadian mining firm, has been operating since 2006 and holds five concessions in Ghana and its mother company, Xtra-Gold Resources Corporation is enlisted on the New York Stock Exchange.

It has immensely been a reliable source of government’s revenue generation for development by paying its taxes religiously to the State.

 The company has given jobs to over 700 people directly and indirectly, especially from its catchment communities.

Xtra Gold Mining has been paying royalties and has fulfilled all its obligation as a mining company prescribed by the mining act.

Its Corporate Social Responsibilities to communities where it operates are outstanding. The company has built modern toilet facilities, boreholes and gives out a percentage of the gold mined to communities within its five concessions every quarter.  What’s more, Xtra-Gold has built a clinic at Akyem Pameng and a palace.

“The reputable company has never, and will not attempt to engage in galamsey as, it is wrongfully rumoured,” Mr Asante, spokesperson for Xtra Gold has stated.

Xtra Gold Mining is a registered limited liability company owned by a group of investors and not the bonafide of ruling New Patriotic Party’s National Women’s Organiser, Madam Kate Gyamfua as it is being rumoured.

The company’s mining site is not close to a river body and the Atewa Forest as it is being alleged.

It rather has four dugout wells for its operations and reclaim lands hurriedly after its operations.

The invasion of the concession sites by the Military on three different occasions to set 20 excavators and other equipment on suspicion of illegal mining on May 16, 2021, is wrong, unruly and utterly out of place.

No changfang machine was spotted at the sites. Video footages on television and social media channels clearly show destruction of rivers and water bodies by the use of changfang machines mining in them.

But when the taskforce went to Xtra Gold mining concessions, they never showed video footages of destruction of rivers and water bodies at Atewa. Residents in the concession communities have never complained of any problem against the company destroying their farms.

The instigators misled inconsiderate military guys who were interested in carrying out the operation in a manner to satisfy their quest to show power against officials of the company who are diligently doing their work legally.