Major Mahama's wife and kids
Major Mahama's wife and kids

Barbara Mahama has left many Ghanaians in tears as she drops a full note of the latest in her family.

She shared an emotional message about the death of her husband.

The wife of the late soldier, Major Maxwell Mahama, released this note to mark the fourth anniversary of her late husband, reports in the media indicate.

Barbara Mahama, as she is mostly known, took to her official Facebook wall to share the notes. According to her, the children left behind by her late husband are growing.

She added that the children are doing well and indicated that anytime she sees them, the memories of her late husband reflect.


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She adds that one of the kids walks like the late husband whilst the other speaks just like him. Barbara Mahama adds that she always enjoys listening to the children just like the late husband.

“Dear Maxwell, your boys are growing, they are doing well. It amazes me the kind of things that can be inherited, sometimes it’s funny. One walks and I see you in him, the other talks and it’s so like you. I enjoy listening to them just as I enjoyed listening to you, I end up saying to myself you never went,” parts of the notes indicated.

She further indicated that though it is already four years, the late husband is still with the family. She says Major Mahama should have been alive to be part of their lives.

Barbara Mahama added that it is already four years since the husband died and the family will make the day count.

“I will laugh unapologetically, I will dance unapologetically, I will cry when I want to cry, there is no timetable in this journey. It’s okay to be okay and it’s okay not to be okay,” she added.

On May 29, 2017, Major Mahama was painfully killed at Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region of Ghana.

His death was announced one early morning when he was exercising through the town. The community members mistakenly lynched him after he was wrongly accused of being an armed robber.

The entire Denkyra Obuasi community turned into a ghost town after his death. Heavy Military personnel were dispatched to the community and residents had to run for their lives. Some persons were subsequently arrested and are standing trial.

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