Ghanaian actor Kyekyeku has shared a story of how he struggled during his humble beginnings and how he became popular as an actor with the help of fellow actor Akabenezer also known as Dr Likee.

According to the young man, growing up was tough and going to school was a struggle due to financial constraints his family faced.

Kyekyeku took to acting at a very young age and put his all into the job. According to him, he almost opted not to attend Senior High School as it could affect his acting career.

He finally settled on being a day student, and that afforded him the opportunity to blend acting and schooling. The young star mentioned how difficult it was getting people to purchase the movies he featured in.

He would hawk the movies across town in hopes folks would buy them.

He mentioned that there were times he could not even afford transportation to movie sets as he had to sit on the laps of a friend in order to avoid paying transport fare.

Kyekyeku said things turned around for him when he met fellow actor Akabenezer, also known as Dr Likee.

Akabenezer’s platform, he said, gave him his breakthrough as he trended on various social media platforms with the help of the skits he featured in.

Watch the video below for more of his story: