Rapper Pope Skinny has asked his ex-best friend Shatta Wale to forgive him after they went their separate ways after series of allegations that inundated social media since 2019.

In the latest video on social media, Pope Skinny asked the Shatta Movement (SM) boss to forget about all the tantrums that they threw at each other when Pope Skinny was part of his SM team.

Wale let’s forget about everything… we were good brothers and people like the way we related… Let’s kill all the rumours… Within your heart if you feel you haven’t done me any wrong, then within mine, you have also done nothing wrong… we should let the sleeping dogs lie and forgive ourselves, he said.

Circa 2019, Shatta Wale sacked most of his team members from the SM camp and it included rapper Pope Skinny who at a time was vibrant in Shatta’s music career.

It was unclear what actually caused them to go their separate ways but Pope Skinny took the issue to social media where he kept jabbing Shatta Wale anytime he signed in.

Pope Skinny went ahead to reveal secrets that he shared with Shatta Wale, adding how Shatta Wale allegedly got his two houses, with one being a gift from a politician.


The ‘Asuoden’ rapper further opened up on Shatta Wale’s relationship with his baby mama, Michy among other personal issues they shared as best friends.

Moments after Shatta Wale had a feud with rapper Sarkodie, Pope Skinny lauded the latter’s lyrics in an attempt to possibly spite Shatta Wale.

But in Pope Skinny’s recent video on social media, he is begging the ‘Already’ hitmaker to accept him as a friend once again.

He pleaded with Shatta Wale to drop everything so they can continue as brothers in the music industry.

Pope Skinny, who earlier touted himself as Shatta Wale’s PA and ‘Okyeame’, said he enjoyed their time together, adding that, he would want to patch things up with him.

He said I wasn’t supposed to be part of his journey and I never wronged him. My time with Shatta Wale was nice. He said he wanted a new team… In my heart there wasn’t any problem, he added.

According to Pope Skinny, he never intended to leave under Shatta Wale’s umbrella.

Even Peter and Paul could go their separate ways… I believe that one day one day we will meet. He blocked me and I also blocked him. I see him and know what he is going through right now and I know where the problem is. I will call him, he said.

Watch the video below: