The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has taken steps to address the grievances raised by importers of diapers and toiletries to ensure smooth importation processes.

Importers were reported experiencing obstacles that hindered the importation of these essential products into the nation, leading to significant financial losses in the sector.

In response to these concerns, an investigation was conducted in collaboration with the FDA to address the challenges faced by importers. 

Therefore, specific recommendations have been formulated for traders engaged in the importation of goods associated with food and pharmaceutical products.

“We have formulated specific recommendations for traders engaged in the importation of goods associated with food and pharmaceutical products. Import activities into the country must be closely monitored and regulated to prevent potential financial setbacks resulting from non-compliance with regulatory protocols set forth by the FDA to protect the public health and safety of the citizens of Ghana. Any deviation from these regulations could lead to the risk of unauthorized products being confiscated,” the FDA cautioned in a statement on April 25. 

Regarding diapers, the FDA stated that its regulatory oversight ensures that diapers are registered before importation to guarantee safety and quality standards, mitigating potential health risks to babies and children. 

It noted that poor-quality diapers can pose risks such as infection and other health hazards due to harmful compounds.

“Traders are strongly advised to liaise directly with the FDA to initiate registration processes including testing products to make sure they are safe and of the right quality. Entrusting third-party agents with comprehensive oversight may pose financial risks, and traders themselves need to fully understand and adhere to the regulatory frameworks established within the country,” the statement added. 

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