Shatta Wale clashes with SM Militant, Joint 77 at Hitz FM
Shatta Wale clashes with SM Militant, Joint 77 at Hitz FM

Former Shatta Movement (SM) member [militant], Joint 77, has disclosed that he has been blessed with two cars since exiting SM.

Joint 77 said he imported cars to support his music career.

Shatta Movement (SM) boss, Shatta Wale, at the beginning of the year, asked Joint 77 and other members of the SM Militants, Natty Lee, Captan and Addi Self to sign off his label because they were lazy.

The Already hitmaker took a car he bought for Joint 77 from him after the duo got into a heated argument on Daybreak Hitz show on Hitz FM.

But, Joint 77 has claimed that after exiting the label, he has been able to acquire two cars through his new record label.

“I returned the car to him,” he said, adding “right now, I’m driving my own car with one more on the sea coming.”


Sharing his experience with Shatta Wale, Joint 77 said he has known Shatta Wale for 15 years after they first met in a recording studio.

He said he admired the industrious nature of Shatta Wale.

“I like how he works, he is a very hard working guy so I always want to follow his steps. That was what I picked from him. I realized that I had to also put in hard work other than that I cannot get to where I want to go,” said.