An ardent New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporter took to the streets to take his bath in a video circulating on social media all in a bid to campaign for his political party ahead of the December 7 election.

According to a background voice that was urging him on, the NPP man’s gesture follows President Nana Akufo-Addo’s directive to extend the free water package that was announced in the wake of the Covid-19 disease earlier this year.

To campaign, the man took his bucket of water, soap and sponge to the streets during a rally that took place in his neighbourhood.


He was further helped by another female supporter who took the sponge from him to help him with the bath.

Some bystanders, who were surprised by the gesture, took out their phones to record the surprising moment.

The background voice in the video kept on shouting “free water, free water…only Nana Addo gave us free water during Covid-19 times.”

Watch the video below: