A trending video has captured the moment a commercial vehicle conductor and a passenger traded blows over GHS 1 transport fare.

Information gathered from the video indicates the ‘trotro’ mate was upset with the female passenger for refusing to pay the fare with the excuse that she joined the car for a short distance.

After arriving at the destination, the woman attempted alighting, but the ‘mate’ denied her exit.

The situation escalated into a heated verbal assault on both parties, with the passenger describing the mate as a ‘desperate fool’.

The term touched the nerve of the mate who spewed out every insult he could, before attempting a punch, which was retaliated with a bite.


After four minutes of drama and no intervention from the passengers who rather filmed the scene, the woman gave out GHS 2, only for the mate to deny her balance for time wasting.

This generated into a round-two battle which took the intervention of the driver and other bypassers to cool down, paving way for the female passenger to finally take her exit.

Watch video below: