Rapper D-Black hasn’t only blessed himself with an S550 Mercedes Benz on his 35th birthday but also gifted the mother of his children a new Range Rover for being a good mother.

According to him, he has decided to always appreciate the real ones in his life hence feels it’s apt for the mother of his three children to enjoy his birthday with him.

Gifted the mother of my kids with a new Range Rover on my birthday. Always gotta appreciate the real ones. The smiles on my kids’ faces did it for me. Let’s appreciate the good ones. God bless us all, D Black wrote.

Aside from his baby mama’s surprise, D-Black also disclosed he has gifted himself an S550 Mercedes Benz as a birthday gift.

After posting the car with a triple black painting job, the ‘Enjoyment Minister’ wrote: So I got myself a New Mercedez S 550🙏🏽 Grateful for Life & The Blessings God continues to show me. Grateful for the people that continue to support & love me. Grateful for it all 🙏🏽 Happy Birthday to the Enjoyment Minister.