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Customs Officials at Elubo deny challenges with ICUMS


Customs officials at the Elubo land border – one out Ghana’s six land borders – have denied claims of challenges faced by the use of Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS) in processing and releasing cargo vehicles into the country.

This follows media reports and a video in circulation in which dozens of vehicles are seen parked behind the Elubo border and are unable to be processed for entry into Ghana due to some challenges encountered by the newly deployed ICUMS at the land borders.

Mr Isaac Adongo, a member of parliament’s Trade and Finance Committee, in a media interaction cited the video as reference, stating that it affirms the defects of the new system.

However, a Customs Long Room official at Elubo in an interview asserted that the vehicles parked behind the border had nothing to do with the use of the ICUMS at the border. 

It is not unusual to see cars parked behind the border, it happens occasionally. The cars park on the no man’s land between Ivory Coast and Ghana a lot of time for many reasons. These vehicles are allowed to park behind the border awaiting documentations. It has nothing to do with the ICUMS, he said.

The Custom official further asserted that, the processing of documents for early release of vehicles into the country known as Compliance was now being done at the headquarters of the Customs Division due to GCNET system not working again, as many of these guys processed their BOE’s in that system. This means we at the boarder cannot process those old BOE’s unless the head office hence the delay.

He added that, the only challenge they faced was the approval of their documents from the headquarters. Previously the approval and compliance was done by us at the Long room here and that fastens the job, but now that the old system is off the compliance has to be done at the Headquarters hence the delay in processing and releasing the vehicles. But with ICUMS, everything is going on well and we have passed export and imports, plus the transits this week, he noted.


Transit Declarations

On transit declarations customs officials at the Elubo boarder said they have passed two of that so far since last week. According to him, the clearing agents started the process last week Friday and this week they were cleared on Monday.

On Thursday two more came in the declarations are to be passed today Friday June 12, 2020. The registrations and the BOE’s were processed through the ICUMS and it was successful but the agents will pass the declarations today.

It is important to note that the two declarations that were passed in total they are 19 cargo vehicles and all of them have been dispatched, the customs official said.

Some drivers who also spoke gave various reason for their parking there which had nothing to do with the ICUMS. One indicated that, they were waiting for their agents from the Ivorian side to complete declarations processes to enable them to enter Abidjan as they have completed their processes from the Ghanaian side while another said the agent was waiting to receive funds from the importer to pay for the duties required which will then enable customs to allow them into Ghana.

ICUMS last week in the first four days registered some 1,452 transactions at the land frontiers. Out of this, 408 were direct imports into home use, 900 Temporary Vehicle Imports, 34 Warehouse, 20 Transit and 9 Free Zones.

Every transaction done in ICUMS including TVI is issued with their required Certificate. For the avoidance of doubt, a TVI Certificate is generated and given to the driver, which is verifiable

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