2 Cedis coin/ Photo by Dennis K. Adu | Adomonline.com
Ghana's 2 Cedis coin

The Central Bank in November 2019 introduced the GH¢100 and GH¢200 notes as well as a GH¢2 coin as part of the country’s denominations.

The justification the Central Bank gave for the introduction of the new denomination was the significant shift in the demand for higher denominations by Ghanaians.

The total printing cost of the new denominations was estimated to have cost the country some $8.9 million dollars.


Given this huge amount of tax payers’ monies used in printing the new denominations, the Central Bank was keen on ensuring that the new denominations had advanced technological security features.

One would have, therefore, expected that the Central Bank would at least make conspicuous the figure or amount inscribed on the newly introduced GH¢ 2 coin.

Probably because the GH¢ 2 coin was shown to us [Ghanaians] as being the equivalent of the GH¢2 note, we’ve not taken the pains to see if the said amount has been properly inscribed on the coin because a look at both sides of the coin shows no GH¢2 inscription and a critical or steady look at the coin shows the loose inscription of the figure or amount on the coin.

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