Heavy traffic takes over Accra roads
Heavy traffic takes over Accra roads

Vice President for the Ghana Private Roads and Transport Union (GPRTU), Robert Sarbah, has said any increments being implemented by drivers were illegal.

According to him, even though the vehicle operators unions have accepted government’s 15 percent fare increment offer instead of the 50 percent increment it initially demanded, the implementation date is July 10. 

Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem morning show, Mr Sarbah explained also that the union took into consideration welfare packages rolled out by government during the Covid-19 lockdown era in accepting the 15% increment.

She said the initial 50% price increment demand by drivers was to offset the close-to-50-percent loss in revenue to vehicle owners that was occasioned by the pandemic. 

The 50 per cent increment demand was to replace revenue loss in sales made by drivers due to the restrictions imposed by government on passenger carriage but we later considered our demand and accepted the 15 percent because we believe the public will express their dissatisfaction if we kept on demanding for the 50 percent increment in a time like this

Robert Sarbah – Vice chair, gprtu


He noted also that the union will, in the coming days, sensitize the public on the 15 percent increment in fare prices.

He condemned the implementation of fare increments in parts of the country, noting that all such increases were illegal and out of place.