‘China coronavirus’
The virus, which first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has spread to over 2,000 people and killed over 50 people

Residents in Wuhan, the city in Central China where the novel coronavirus began are struggling to adjust to their new kind of living.


The only thing that qualifies them to go out is a medical report clearing them of the virus as part of measures to stop a recurrence.

A Ghanaian resident in Wuhan, Elder Charles Ampofo, said he has not been able to go out since the 76 days lockdown was lifted.

As a student of the Wuhan University, he said only school authorities can give you clearance to go outside campus.

“The school allows only 30 people to go out at a time. You can’t go out with a medical report clearing you of the virus. It’s not easy,” Elder Ampofo said.

He noted that, despite the official lifting of the ban on Wuhan residents, it is difficult to travel to other cities.

Beijing, for example, he stated has put in place a complex system that allows Wuhan residents to purchase inbound train tickets only after applying to local government officials, a process that can take several days and is not guaranteed.

Meanwhile, China launched a national campaign during the outbreak to recognise Wuhan residents as heroes.

The slogan ‘Wuhan, add oil’, a Chinese phrase that translates as ‘Go Wuhan’, can be seen on signboards and advertisements across the country.