Collage of Abdul Inusah, middle photo is of him and his father

Abdul Inusah is the son of a top Ghanaian politician and lawyer Inusah Fuseini who had served as a Member of Parliament for Tamale Central constituency and the former Minister for Lands and Natural Resources in the National Democratic Congress government.

Abdul Inusah has become famous in Ghana for the wrong reasons. He has been charged with fraud and money laundering in the United States.

If convicted, Mr Inusah is most likely to get a maximum penalty of 50 years behind bars. He will be sentenced on November 21, 2022.

Mr Fuseini has been hit with the development in the United States of America but believes his son is innocent and that it is a conspiracy.

Speaking for the first time on August 25, 2022, Abdul reiterated his father’s explanations about how he had gotten entangled in the ongoing case.

According to him, he is officially the subject of an indictment but that the case was still under investigations contrary to reports that he had appeared before a judge and been convicted awaiting sentencing.

“I was given series of plea deals. I refused them because you only accept plea deals if you have committed a crime. They had already apprehended nine people who were someway somehow linked to me because I had bought a few of them vehicles somewhere in 2018, while a student in the same university and they were also students, and that was in a different indictment.”

What was immediately reported about him was that he had schooled in the United States and was living there at present.

This piece looks at a much deeper profile of Abdul-Hamid with reference to a Facebook page purported to be his known account.

According to the page, he is a digital creator and works as Chief Executive Officer of IJBAH GH LTD.

He graduated from the University of Central Lancashire, UCLan. He also studied at Marshall University and also studied Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language: A Self-Development and Methodology Guide at Embassy Ces Hastings (UK).

During his time at UCLan, he also served as President of the African Carribean Society.

His bio also stated that he is a “former Safety engineer at Eni SpA,” adding that he “studied at Holy Trinity Lutheran School,” and was also a graduate of Accra Academy Senior High School.