Akwasi Addai Odike
Akwasi Addai Odike

The Founder and Leader of the United Front Party (UFP), Akwasi Addai Odike, has rendered an unqualified apology to the Executive Secretary to the President, Nana Asante Bediatuo, over his allegation that he is into illegal mining, popularly known as galamsey.

Speaking on Accra-based Neat FM, Mr Odike admitted that his accusation was without any factual evidence to back it.

“I must admit that it was just hearsay, I didn’t do my crosschecks if indeed he [Nana Bediatuo Asante] was illegally engaging in mining. I retract and apologise, that was a mistake,” he humbly apologised.

Odike recently incurred the wrath of the Kumasi Traditional Council for allegedly accusing some Chiefs in the Ashanti Region of being embroiled in illegal mining (galamsey) activities.

He also accused Mr Bediatuo of such activity on Oyerepa FM, a radio station in Kumasi.

Lawyers for the Executive Secretary to the President demanded a retraction and apology from the embattled businessman cum politician.

In a letter to Mr Odike on Wednesday, August 24, Mr Bediatuo’s lawyers insisted that the UPP founder had said he had links with illegal mining at Bosomefreho, a claim they say is untrue.

“We are instructed to inform you [Odike] that the said publication that you put in the public domain is absolutely false.

“It is instructive to point out to you that you ought to have taken steps to verify the authenticity of the information before publishing same in the public domain,” the letter said.

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