Abdul Inusah charged with fraud and money laundering

Abdul Inusah, son of former Tamale Central Member of Parliament (MP), Inusah Fuseini, has broken his silence on fraud and money laundering charges against him in the United States.

According to him, the case is still ongoing and is therefore surprised by reports in a section of the Ghanaian media suggesting he has been convicted.

“At the moment I am in my house and not speaking from any jail or prison. This is an ongoing case and there has been no definite judgment. I have seen the publication and I’m surprised where it is coming from,” he said in an interview with Accra-based Asaase Radio.

Evidence at trial revealed that the 31-year-old man was part of a conspiracy that targeted victims using false personas via email, text messaging, and online dating and social media websites.

The acts span “from at least January 2018 through at least December 2019,” per the report.

Some of them involved “his role in a Huntington-based scheme that defrauded individuals in multiple states through the use of false online personas.”

In the statement published on the DOJ’s website, the jury is said to have found the former MP’s son “guilty of receipt of stolen money, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of wire fraud.”

Reacting to the development, young Inusah, who admitted to the charges, was quick to add he is innocent.

To him, the case at hand is just like any entrepreneur or businessman having problems with his business.

Mr Inusah stated his priority at the moment is his family and loved ones who have been affected by the issue and not to prove his innocence to the Ghanaian public.

“My utmost worry right now is not fighting my case or proving my innocence to the Ghanaian public,” Inusah said. “My very utmost problem right now will be my family and friends who have been affected by these half-truth publications, with the utmost respect because I don’t want to discredit anybody’s work,” he noted.

His comments come barely 24 hours after his father, who confirmed the charges, stated he was terribly disappointed and described the case as a conspiracy.

In view of this, the embattled son has apologised to his family, urging them to keep the faith as he will soon be vindicated.

“These are half-truths, and people’s lives in Ghana are being affected, especially my family and loved ones, and I would like to apologise to them that they should take heart, and keep having faith that their brother and son is innocent and will soon be a free man and we will rejoice and jubilate with the people of Ghana,” he assured.