Music producer and sound engineer, Appietus, has recounted a sorrowful spectacle that unfolded before his eyes in his studio over trolling.

The veteran, known in private life as Appiah Dankwah, recounted how a planned studio session with an artiste turned into mourning over trolls the artiste had read from comments on social media.

Despite not giving out the name of the artiste, he disclosed that the person is “very big, very popular, and he did not expect such a tough act to break down in tears.

“He was in my studio reading some of the comments on social media and he was crying like a baby; I mocked him. I had to reveal some of my experiences to him before he could wipe his tears. And, ironically, the person who made the comment is far from accomplished,” he added.

He made the revelation when explaining the downsides of social media in music to Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra host, Sister Sandy.

Rather than give constructive criticism on works posted on online platforms, Appietus said some persons have made it their duty to prey on celebrities, forgetting they are also prone to pain.

“Outside the field, celebrities have their own private life so imagine if people are so invested in poking their nose in their business. Remember that not everyone is strong; some people will not mind, others are not as strong as they appear to be. This is what leads many to depression,” he said.

Such attitude, he said, is what leads many trolls to premature deaths, explaining that the absence of respect is a path to an early grave.

“A friend sent me a list of 315 mutual friends on Facebook who are dead because of trolling. They are all young people. I did not believe it at that time and called some of their relatives and it proved to be true,” he revealed.