Filed photo: A corpse

Friends of a tailor, identified as Azubuike Nwokolo aka Zubby More, are currently demanding justice for him on social media after he was reportedly found dead in a hotel room.

According to a source, the father-of-two attended a party in the area on Thursday and decided to lodge at a hotel when the unfortunate incident happened.

“It was late in the night and he couldn’t go home so he decided to lodge at Udo Queens hotel in Amichi, Anambra State. He didn’t return home which got his family members worried,” the source said.

A search was launched and it was discovered that he indeed lodged in the hotel but his lifeless body was discovered later.

It is reported that at the time the family got wind of the information, management of the hotel had already deposited the body at a morgue.

It was there that they discovered that Zubby had both testicles missing and had multiple slashes on his neck and laps.


The hotel management, during a confrontation, claimed he slipped on the bathroom tiles and died.

The family, however, suspects foul play and has since launched an appeal for information to get them the closure they desire.