A woman was furious after learning that her husband had been giving away her possessions without her permission – and now she’s said he has a week to replace them, or she’s leaving.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said she had always been a reader and had a vast collection of classic novels, adding that she devoted a lot of time to collecting books to add to her collection.

But reading had become a contentious issue with her new husband, as he felt that she spent too much time immersed in literature.

He took it on himself to sort out the problem and gave away many of her books without her knowledge, and when she found out he said he did it for her ‘own good’ as she had forgotten her ‘priorities’.

An angry couple
The woman told her husband to replace them, but he said she should let it go ( Image: Getty Images/EyeEm)

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “I am a reader, I used to read a lot in my teenage years as an escape method from many of my problems and recently I got back into reading.

“I read classic books since this category is my favourite, I spend time and effort visiting libraries and online shops to collect books.

“Thing is, my husband hates it when I read.

“We’ve just returned from honeymoon two months ago and he’s been complaining about books taking our special time away, specifically at night but I like to think that I’m balancing with my reading time.

“He has started calling me a grandma or says I remind him of an old lady neighbour to get me to quit reading but it didn’t budge me.

“A week ago, I found out that he’s given my book collection away and I was devastated after he defended himself saying he did this for my own good and for the sake of our marriage since I seemed to forget my priorities.

“I flipped out, yelled at him that those books were hard to get and demanded he pay me and replace them right then but he said that I really should invest my time in an outdoor hobby we could both do.

“I was having none of it and demanded he replace the books, I gave him a list of every book and when he saw it he laughed and asked if I was really still thinking about those books and suggested I ‘move on’.

“I yelled at him telling him he has a week to replace them and that was it.”

After sharing her story online, the woman was inundated with support from others saying the husband was in the wrong – and that his actions were a huge red flag.

One said: “Time to get an annulment or divorce. He seems very controlling and it will only get worse.”

Then another wrote: “Throw the husband away and replace him with more books.”

And a third added: “I would divorce right away if my partner did something like this. Just throwing away something your partner enjoys, and that is actually a healthy hobby, is just plain toxic and abusive.”