Rufftown Record boss, Ricky Osei Agyemang, known in showbiz as Bullet, has planned on taking a drastic decision if Ghana’s creative arts industry does not improve.

In the latest social media rant, Bullet hinted at moving his label to Nigeria; the hub of music artistry; to explore his creativity.

The artiste manager has lamented about how stiff laws, made by unconcerned authorities, are hindering the funds of stakeholders in the industry.

To Bullet, in the next year or two, the creative arts industry will collapse because record labels in Ghana will be forced to close their curtains if such laws are not changed.

He pinpointed to the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Gaming Commission’s laws as some of the laws that limit the pockets of artists.


“Ghana is not a place to operate a record label business and this is very sad. Record labels do not make money from just shows where their artistes are billed to perform, majority of the money comes from endorsement deals. You people are always goofing with your laws. Do you guys have any idea of the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the creative arts,” he quizzed.

Readers will recall that earlier this year, the FDA restricted celebrities from partaking in alcohol advertisement, a decision Bullet, and his signee, Wendy Shay strongly fought against albeit successfully.

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