Ghanaian Reggae-Dancehall singer and broadcaster, Blakk Rasta, has blamed the late Bob Marley’s family for featuring a rapper such as Sarkodie on the Stir It Up remake.

Several reports state that the popular radio host claims Sarkodie’s feature on the song is a dishonour to the late musician’s legacy.

According to Blakk Rasta, the late Bob Marley’s music was based on spirituality, and Sarkodie’s music is from a different world.

“Bob Marley was able to draw religion and spirituality into Reggae, Bob Marley was able to make the whole world understand that when you listen to Reggae music, you do not only benefit from the aesthetics of Reggae music but the spirituality of Reggae music.

“Bob Marley used his music to help free up Africa in one way or the other including Zimbabwe where he went to perform at the independence of that country. Bob Marley said and I quote, ‘you can love mi music if you love Barry White music and you can’t love Barry White music if you love mi music’, because he saw the two of them in different worlds’’, he said.

Blakk Rasta, however, blamed the family of Bob Marley for disrespecting the legacy of the great spiritual king, adding that Bob Marley did not feature any artiste because he wanted to preserve and promote culture.

‘‘If Bob Marley was alive, do you think that he will be featuring Sarkodie? They are in two different worlds, I do not blame Sarkodie, Sarkodie is not the one I am talking to, I am talking to the disgraceful Bob Marley family. It is nonsensical and I’m hurt,” he added.