Ayisha Modi

Controversy is brewing over industry police, Ayisha Modi’s sudden drastic weight loss which was exposed while she graced a red carpet, her first appearance in a long time.

While many are suspecting an undisclosed ailment, others have also made speculations of drug abuse.

Reacting to the reports, Ayisha refuted both claims while disclosing that her current stature is her ideal body type she had always prayed for.

She disclosed that her sudden weight loss is a body type she paid over $40,000 for, kind courtesy her godfather Rev Obofour.

The money, she said took care of the bill for her vitamins, diet and other foreign weight loss supplements she had been taking in the last couple of years.

She disclosed that she was motivated to enroll on a weight loss plan after a visit to the hospital made her aware she had a body mass index of 408, a little over the normal index.

She added that her conscious weight loss is the first requisite of happiness, as she hints at other plans to achieve her overall goal.

“I have sacrificed a lot for people and it time for me to enjoy life, it’s time to take good care of myself so if you think that I, Ayisha Modi is sick because of my weight loss then you must be really sick, if you think being fat makes you healthy then I bless you with a lot of fatness,” she remarked.