AY Poyoo and Honourable Aponkye
AY Poyoo and Honourable Aponkye

Honourable ‘Aponkye’, born Ibrahim Issah Ampim, is challenging new artiste, AY Poyoo, over the name ‘Aponkye’ to wit goat.

The disappointed assemblyman turned musician said he is not happy that AY Poyoo is trying to claim he is the real ‘Aponkye’ (goat).

However, to prove he is the real goat AY Poyoo walked around with a goat and once posted a photo of himself chewing leaves.


To settle the issue, Adom TV’s Sister Sandy called the two to her Ahosepe Court to debate over who deserves the name. Honourable Aponkye claimed he had the name in 2004, but AY Poyoo has, in recent times, been using it.

During their interaction, AY Poyoo trolled Honourable Aponkye and said his music career had gone nowhere.

AY Poyoo said if his rival would permit him to put a rope around his neck for a video, then his rival could be the real goat.