AY Poyoo
AY Poyoo

AY Poyoo, the newly self-acclaimed face of Gh rap, has replied former aspiring Assemblyman, Honourable Aponkye, on his threat to sue him for calling himself the real goat.

About a week ago, disappointed Assemblyman for Adukrom Nima Electoral Area, Ibrahim Isaah Ampim, popularly known as Honorable Aponkye, expressed his displeasure in seeing an upcoming rapper/comedian trending by his (Hon Aponkye’s) name, goat, which in Twi is Aponkye.

Hon. Aponkye threatened to sue AY Poyoo with a claim that the name Aponkye was given to him by his grandfather since 2004, and is his registered right, hence, AY should have sought his consent before calling himself the real goat.

In an interview on eTV Ghana, AY Poyoo replied to this saying that he does not understand how someone can just wake up and decide to fight over an animal.


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He said: “He is Honorable Aponkye. I’m the Goat. It’s a whole different thing. You have a title attached to the Aponkye and I don’t have a title. I’m the real Goat so what is your problem?”

AY Poyoo, bursting into laughter, rhetorically quizzed, “How can we be fighting over an animal? An animal name that we have claimed for ourselves, how can we be fighting over that? He should take the other goat. Me too I’m taking the other goat. That’s all.”

He explained that there are different breeds of goats like the Northern goats and the Kwaku goats. “I’m the Kwaku goat, he’s the North goat. I’ve shared it.”