Six masked armed men reportedly fired warning shots at the Jeffisi market in the Sissala West District and robbed some of the traders.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, between 0900 and 1000 hours.

A trader was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money and about 70 pieces of Android mobile phones he had brought to the market to sell.

The victim, Mohammed Bayugo, was left traumatised and unable to transact his usual mobile money business, and that left many people stranded.

Mr Sule Bayugo, an eyewitness, revealed this to the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

“Around 0900 hours to 1000 hours, I got to a store facing the road near the Jeffisi market, just when I got down from the motor, I saw masked men with guns who started shooting sporadically into the air.”

“Everybody started running including the traders in the Jefissi market. A complaint was later made to the Police who swiftly came to the scene after the incident,” Mr Sule added.

Chief Alhaji Kuoro Penkul, the chief of the community, called on the security agencies to beef up security in the area to reduce the rampant armed attacks on the community in recent times.

ACP Victor Akakpo, the Sissala West District Police Commander, said the command had received a report on the incident and had asked the Zini Police Patrol team to join the Gwollu team in search of the robbers.

He said the report indicated that the suspects, after attacking the shop, headed towards Tumu and a chase to arrest them proved futile.

ACP Akakpo, however, said the Police had commenced an investigation into the incident.

In the past three months, activities of armed attacks on the civilian population in the area appear to be growing and would require the intensification of security measures.