Chief Fisherman of Apam in the Central Region, Kow Panyin, has disclosed that 10 out of the 12 bodies washed ashore in last Sunday’s drowning have been identified by their families.

“The bodies have been deposited at the Apam Catholic Morgue. So far, 10 of them have been identified. Two of them are yet to be identified. Some relatives have come around. So, we have asked them to go to the morgue to find out if the remaining two are theirs,” he said.

About 20 teenagers are reported to have gone to an area – where swimming is not permitted – along the shores of Apam on Sunday, March 6 to swim.


However, they were swept away by a heavy tidal wave while they were “enjoying themselves at the beach.”

The chief fisherman said that thankfully two of the teenagers were found alive.

He intimated that the calamity may have befallen the teenagers because of what they may have been doing at the beach.

“When we went there, to where they drowned, we saw bottles of alcohol scattered all over.

“We also saw condoms all over. And the place is a forbidden place. It is where we normally bury people who die under strange circumstances. It is a pity to see some of the dead bodies with tattoos,” he added.