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Another mysterious death in Bole sparks fear and panic among residents


The Bole District in the Savannah Region has for the third time in three weeks, recorded three mysterious deaths.

The latest incident involves a middle-aged man whose body was found in a KVIP septic tank near the St. Kizito Junior High School at Mempeasem, a suburb of Bole in the Savannah Region.

The deceased was discovered by a female resident who had visited the facility around 6:00 am and reported the incident to the Assembly Member of Mempeasem Electoral Area, Abu Hassan.

The deceased, known as Gbere, alias chairman is a native of Kalba-Oro in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district of the Savannah Region.

Like some residents, an opinion leader who spoke to Joy News anonymously expressed his frustration over the incident.

“As for the killings in Bole, it has been happening just because our leaders are not up to the task and are not helping. Because from 2021 up to date, about twenty people have been killed yet not even a single arrest of the suspects and they are still killing us.”

“In 2021, a seventy-year-old male retiree was shot dead on his farm. Also, a driver with the National Ambulance Service in Bole by the name of Imoro was shot dead. So, just imagine how they killed Chairman (the current victim) and also killed a red cock and kept it on his remains inside the septic tank and now, there’s fear and panic in some of us”, he lamented.

Some residents alleged that the deceased who lived close to the district assembly offices, was spotted on June 3, the very day he died.

Though his remains still looked fresh, his face looked badly damaged, suggesting a possible struggle between him and his attacker(s) before being overpowered.

In an interview with Myjoyonline, the Assembly Member of Mempeasem Electoral Area, Abu Hassan described this incident and others as worrisome and shameful.

“This is very bad and shameful. Why; because these are bad signals. They are very bad signs for development”, he lamented.

On Sunday dawn, I went out to the public toilet to see to it that the caretaker was there to perform his duties, only for a young girl to run to me to say she saw a human being in the toilet where she visited to free herself”.

“But when I went behind the septic tank to see whether the deceased fell into it, I saw a dead red cock put on top of the deceased. So, I quickly logged a formal complaint with the Police “, he indicated.

He further stated that this particular incident is not an isolated case because, “in three weeks, this is the third victim killed in my Electoral Area and to me, they are not normal deaths”, he insisted.

Mr Hassan said about two weeks ago, a security guard with the Bole Girls’ Model Junior High School was inside one of the classrooms and an unknown assailant went and used a cement block and smashed his head. The second victim was also killed and his body was wrapped in an empty fertilizer sack and deposited in a gutter along the road with no arrest made.
He alleged that the second and third victims were both killed on two separate Saturday nights.

Mr Abu Hassan later appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), George Akufo Dampare to post more personnel to the district to help combat crime.
Meanwhile, the police have since conveyed the corpse to the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district Hospital Morgue.

A source at the Bole police station told Myjoyonline that no arrest has been made but the case is under investigation.


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